Organizational Member

Organizational Member

The AMMPA Organizational Membership is for a facility or zoological institution that exhibits marine mammals, according to the laws of its country, and that is either open for public display, or is an accredited marine mammal research facility. 

A facility that wishes to join AMMPA must meet the definitions established in the AMMPA bylaws and also be able to demonstrate in an onsite inspection that it meets or exceeds AMMPA Standards and Guidelines in order to be accepted for membership and duly accredited.

Each accredited organization names an Official Representative to serve as a liaison to AMMPA. That Official Representative attends the AMMPA Annual Meeting, votes on behalf of the organization, and is eligible to serve on the AMMPA Board of Directors if he or she is elected by the AMMPA membership. Other employees of an accredited member are also encouraged to attend the AMMPA Annual Meeting and may serve on and/or are eligible to be appointed to chair AMMPA committees.

All new member applications must be approved by a majority vote of the AMMPA Board of Directors and other Organizational Members for final approval.

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