Meet the Vaquita

The vaquita, a rare small porpoise living in the northern part of the Gulf of California, is nearing extinction at a rapid pace. Illegal fishing with gillnets has increased the decline of vaquita to 34 percent per year, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is a fact that these animals will become extinct if we ignore this issue. There are fewer than 30 remaining today.

We need emergency action to rescue a number of the remaining animals from their dangerous environment and temporarily relocate them to a safe haven in the northern Gulf of California. The Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA) wholeheartedly supports its research member the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) and its partners in the international Vaquita CPR initiative. This bold conservation plan is aimed at preventing the vaquita’s extinction.

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Learn More About the Vaquita's Battle to Survive

Despite heroic efforts by the Mexican government to stop illegal gillnet fishing, hundreds of vaquitas have drowned from entanglement in those nets the past several years.

In an unprecedented move demonstrating its commitment to conservation, the Mexican government instituted a gillnet ban throughout the vaquitas’ range, provided financial compensation to affected fisherman, and established strong enforcement measures. Still, illegal gillnet fishing continues, targeting a specific fish that is also endangered (the totoaba).

An emergency action plan was developed by the Consortium for Vaquita Conservation, Protection, and Recovery (, and was adopted by the Mexican government’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).The Mexican government, the scientific and veterinary community, and Alliance members came together as a gallant collective to assist the few remaining vaquita and ultimately save the species from extinction. The plan was set in motion to rescue the remaining vaquita, and bring them into a temporary sanctuary. Sadly, the field operations were unsuccessful and the plan has been suspended. The VaquitaCPR is continuing to work in tandem with Mexico’s ongoing efforts to end illegal fishing and remove gillnets from the Upper Gulf of California.

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The following organizations are contributing scientific, veterinary and animal expertise to the Vaquita CPR initiative:

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